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2018 - 2019 Board of Directors

Board Chair: Tracey Campbell (Edmonton)
Treasurer: Scott Fisher (no chapter)

Secretary: Rotating

Director: Ioana Bucsa (Edmonton)

Director: Javier Vinsome (Calgary)

Director: Herky Cutler (Southern Alberta)

Director: Melissa Maschke (Central Alberta)

Director: Judy Stolk-Ingram (Southern Alberta)

Director: Ana Lokotkova (Calgary)

Director: Bev Lyseng (Edmonton)

CDAA Contractors

Executive Director:  Paula Wischoff Yerama (Edmonton)
Administrator / Bookkeeper: Jennifer Bégin (Edmonton)

Registrar: Paula Wischoff Yerama (Edmonton)

Communications Coordinator: Vacant 

Membership Committee

Chair: Herky Cutler (Southern Alberta)

Committee Member: Lisa Moon (Calgary)

Committee Member: Javier Vinsome (Calgary)

Committee Member: Alyssa Diehl (Edmonton)

Committee Member: Marina Hai (Calgary)
Registration / Standards and Certification (RSC) Committee 

Chair: Bev Lyseng (Edmonton)
Committee Member: Sue Kersey (Calgary)
Committee Member: Rasha Tawfik (Calgary)
Committee Member: Elaine Balych (Calgary)
Committee Member: Amber Chapman (Calgary)
Committee Member: David Cataford (Calgary)

Marketing and Communications Committee (MCC)

Chair:  Ana Lokotkova (Calgary)
Career Momentum Editor: Committee
Committee Member: Dorothy Ritz (Edmonton)

Committee Member: Huong Vo (Calgary)

Committee Member: Connie Covey (Calgary)

Committee Member: Tracey Campbell (Edmonton)

Committee Member: Bryanne Manveiler (Calgary)

Professional Development Planning Committee

Chair:  Paula Wischoff Yerama (Edmonton) / Ioana Bucsa (Edmonton)
Committee Member: Mirela Pirvu (Edmonton)
Committee Member: Ann Garrett (Central Alberta)
Committee Member: Jennifer Resch (Calgary)
Committee Member: Judy Stolk-Ingram (Southern Alberta)

Alberta Career Development Conference (ACDC) Planning Committee

Chair: Paula Wischoff Yerama (Edmonton) / Judy Stolk-Ingram (Southern Alberta)
Committee Member: Tracey Campbell (Edmonton)
Committee Member: Shirley McBride (Edmonton)

Program Planning Volunteer: Ann Nakaska (Calgary)

Program Planning Volunteer: Marilyn Berezowsky (Edmonton)

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