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Fall Multi-Chapter Event - Edmonton

  • 21 Oct 2015
  • 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM (MST)
  • Bredin Centre for Learning, 9th Floor, 10045 111 Street
  • 11


  • Up to 9 employees
  • 10+ members

Registration is closed
"Navigating Our Rapidly Changing and, Uncertain World"

Facilitator: Carol Vecchio

Workshop based upon her book:

The Time Between Dreams: How to Navigate Uncertainty in Your Life and Work

In this workshop, career development practitioners, at all stages of their careers, will benefit by gaining a deeper and, richer understanding of Carol's transitional model by:
  • Understanding and applying a unique, holistic model for change and transition seeing uncertainty as necessary and positive
  • Learning how to have more patience with clients as they move through change.
  • Defining effective next steps for working with change instead of against it, and experience activities which are essential at each stage of the process.

Today's stressful world with its 24/7 unending technology upgrades and frenetic pace creates confusion and tension for each of us, at every age. Master counsellor, Carol Vecchio, has developed strategies to effectively help people reframe and navigate these periods of ambiguity. In her workshop you will learn how to listen, understand, and help your clients so you can quickly and effectively support and facilitate their transitions.

Based upon her book, The Time Between Dreams: How to Navigate Uncertainty of Your Life and Work, Carol has developed a cyclical adn holistic approach to navigating uncertainty in life and work using a seasonal metaphor.

This session is grounded in a number of career development theories:

  • Chaos
  • Planned Happenstance
  • Narrative
  • Career Construction
  • Positive Uncertainty

And is based, as well, on work by:

  • Jung
  • Adler
  • Levinson
  • Sheehy
  • Campbell
  • Kubler-Ross
  • Native American/Aboriginal Peoples and Eastern traditions.


Carol is an elected Trustee to the National Career Development Association's Board of Directors and was the closing keynote speaker at NCDA's Global Conference in June 2015.

She has been a full-time Career Counselor since 1981 and has worked at New York University, Fordham University School of Law, and in private practice. Carol founded Centerpoint Institute for Life and Career Renewal (1992), a renowned Seattle-based non-profit organization that has impacted thousands upon thousands of individuals in designing a life they love.

Carol has created the renowned theory of "Natural Cycles of Change," which is the foundation for her published book, The Time Between Dreams: How to Navigate Uncertainty in Your Life and Work.

Her expertise as a Master Career Counselor and passion for mentoring others in a career of Life Design earned her the 2010 National Career Development Associate Outstanding Career Practitioner Award. In addition to her book, she has contributed to many articles and is a sought after as a national and international speaker.


Registration and coffee
 The Natural Cycles of Change: A New Perspective for Navigating Uncertainty
 10:30-12:00  The Natural Cycles of Change, Continued
 12:00-1:00  Lunch
 1:00-3:00  Putting the Cycle into Practice: Assessment and Application
 3:00-4:00  Networking and Social

EARLY BIRD RATE - Ends October 2nd

Ticket sales ends October 12th

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