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CDAA Code of Ethics

The Career Development Association of Alberta Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Ethical Conduct flow from the 2021 Code of Ethics for Career Development Professionals and our Vision and Mission Statement, Beliefs and Values, with the intent of assisting members to provide services in accordance with the highest standards of ethical behaviour.


  • To define and facilitate relationships with career development professionals, employees, employers and individuals from the community.
  • To serve career development professionals in varied work settings.
  • To assist in the evaluation of concerns regarding standards of career practice.
  • To stimulate discussion regarding ethical issues and behaviours within the career development field.
  • To determine options that are acceptable.

    The following Code of Ethics will provide the highest standards of service delivery:

    1. RESPECT FOR THE AUTONOMY OF THE CLIENT: requires that career development professionals abide by the voluntary choices of the client, when that choice does not harm themselves or others, and respect individual rights to self determine.
    2. ONLY DO GOOD (BENEFICENCE): requires that career development professionals promote client welfare by providing career development services appropriate to the career development needs, circumstances and interests of the client.
    3. DO NO HARM (NON-MALEFICENCE): requires that career development professionals avoid negligently or intentionally causing harm during or subsequent to the provision of career development services. Career development professionals will at all times maintain a high level of self?awareness to ensure the provision of only the highest standards of career development services.
    4. INTEGRITY: requires that career development professionals adhere to the professional and ethical conduct of the Association. In individual cases, this may lead to a practitioner's withdrawal from a case due to a conflict of conscience. 

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