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CCDP Pathways

There are two pathways to a CCDP. The first pathway is to complete a post-secondary training program in career development and the second is to meet an experience criteria. See chart below.

The CCDP was officially launched in 2005. The designation recognizes career development as a specialized field of practice with professional standards. Applications are received on an on-going basis and reviewed monthly. For any information on the CCDP criteria please contact CDAA Registrar, Lise Stransky.




  • Completed a minimum of a certificate in Career Development at a post secondary program level
  • Minimum of 10 years (7000 hrs) work experience in Career Development field. In addition, within the past three years, have worked a minimum of 2500 hours in the field
  • 3000 hours of work experience in career development and currently employed in the field
  • Currently employed within the career development field.


Coursework must include:

  • Ethics and Professional Conduct (min. 1 academic credit or 10 hours)
  • Career Theories (min. 3 academic credits or 30 hours)

Coursework must include:

  • Ethics and Professional Conduct (min. 1 academic credit or 10 hours)
  • Career Theories (min. 3 academic credits or 30 hours)
  • 3 professional references
  • 3 professional references

Application Guides

Education application guide (Word)

   Employment application guide (word)

Application Forms

Education Pathway (Word) Employment Pathway (Word)

The CCDP designation is only open to CDAA members. If you are not a member, start the CCDP process by first completing the CDAA Membership application form.

The Guides outline the CCDP criteria and the application process. The CDAA Registrar, Lise Stransky, would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the CCDP designation.

The application forms are designed to be completed by computer; please do not fill them out by hand. Your application must be accompanied by all supporting documentation, including three Reference Questionnaires.

Once you have completed the application form and have collected all supporting documentation, sign the form where required, make a photocopy for your own records and send the original along with the required fee to the CDAA for processing.

The non-refundable fee covers the cost of administering your application and reviewing your credentials. The fee schedule is as follows:

Schedule of Fees

CDAA Membership 137.81 +GST Due Annually
CCDP Annual Maintenance 50.00 +GST Due 1st & 2nd Years
Application for CCDP 150.00 +GST Processing Fee Per Application
Application for Renewal of CCDP 100.00 +GST Due 3rd Year
Appeal 50.00 +GST Only if Applicant Appeals

Note: The fee schedule will be revised periodically and is subject to change

BC CCDP Transfers

Transfer Form

Leave of Absence

Leave of Absence Policy                  Leave of Absence Application Form

Mail your application to:

CDAA Registrar
Career Development Association of Alberta
Box 35019
Midtown PO 10818 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5J 0B7

Applications are received on an on-going basis and are reviewed monthly. A Registry of those holding a valid CCDP designation will be maintained by the CDAA registrar who will be able to confirm CCDP status upon request.


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